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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Confessions of a Flamenco accessories addict

Flamenco is...
Flamenco is an art form .
Flamenco is music.
Flamenco is raw emotion.
Flamenco is deep.
Flamenco is light.
Flamenco is about difficulty.
Flamenco is natural.
Flamenco is the easiest thing in the world.
Flamenco is about what you are born with.
Flamenco is skill and technique.
Flamenco is a way of life .
Flamenco can be experienced with nothing or with everything.

....and for some ...
Sometimes...a part of
Is about accessories!

And if you are a girl Flamenco get to have the most accessories
of anybody.
And if you are a girl Flamenco dancer who sells get to go across
the world and gather all the best things you can find, and bring them home
to share.(for a price of course-it's hard for a girl to part with her
favourite things)
Like a kid in a candy shop...while in Spain I combed the stores of Seville
to find out what was available , visited suppliers again and hand picked
pieces to be sent back

Another wonderful thing about flamenco accessories is that you don't have to
be a Flamenco dancer to enjoy them.
Spanish shawls have for many years been used as pieces to draped over
pianos, chests, windows, beds...
They have been classic evening wear for as long.
People collect shawls, combs and fans all over the world. (Click here to see the pics on Flickr)

At Edie Hats we now have them all in different sizes, qualities and prices.

Click here to see Edie,the talented Edie Hats staff, and some of her fellow
flamencos, showcasing the Spanish accessories in a fashion show presentation
called Island Vogue held at Granville Island in November.

There are many As well as adding to the growing selection of traditional
and classic shawls collected around the world and her offerings to flamenco
dancers, Edie hand-picked an exquisite selection of small, coat-size shawls
to offer as timeless and romantic fashion accessories for everyone. Fans and
combs of assorted sizes and colors help Edie feel like she never left

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