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Friday, February 16, 2007

For The Love Of Flamenco

Welcome to my "For the love of Flamenco" blog.

If you don't already know me... I love and appreciate Flamenco and how it affects me. If you do already know me... then you KNOW how much I do. I am a confessed Flamenco junkie.

My passion for the art, and music of Flamenco has enriched my life. It channels, grounds, inspires me and fuels my energy.

This morning, I was asked to send a short bio for a gig we are doing before I go to Spain. This is what I sent.
"A passionate dancer, Edie loves Flamenco and believes it powers and feeds the rest of her life. She thrives on the experience of performance and the creative process. Always searching and learning, she is a believer in the statement that "Flamenco is a way of life."


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